How to avoid sewer clogs

We all know that sewer clogs need professional intervention. We also know that if sewer lines are well maintained, if these are regularly inspected, it is possible to reduce the clogging. But, do you know that it is actually possible to avoid sewer clogs?

Yes, homeowners can actually reduce this risk of drain clogging, if they follow a few rules. There are a few items such as cotton swabs, maxi pads, tampons, paper towels, gauze and diapers which do not break down easily and cause clogging of the drains. Many people often argue that they use flushable wipes which degrade well. However, in reality these wipes do not degrade and can cause blockage.

There are some other kinds of material which can cause problems. This include harsh chemicals, few grease based products, oil and paint. These tend to create clog as they do not go down well in the toilet. Sewer repairs are the responsibility of the homeowners. Thus, if preventive measures are undertaken, they can actually help in saving a lot of money and damage. Here are a few tips which can help homeowners can keep the sewer pipes from flowing freely.

Carry Out Inspections – It is always good to get your plumbing system inspected before any problem arises. If you are considering buying, you can add sewer pipe inspection in your checklist.

Video Inspection – Let a professional carry out a video examination. This is usually done with a camera. Such an inspection helps in understanding the condition of the pipe. It helps in early detection of clogs. If there is any clog developing, it is detected much in advance with the help of video inspection. If there is some problem, repairs or any kind of replacement can be carried out.

Research Well – Do not wait for any emergency situation to arise when you will speak to your plumber. Speak to your plumber about the need for any repair or replacement. Find out more about the latest in plumbing system and how they can make a difference.

Try out these tactics and you will be able to keep clogs away from your plumbing system.

When to repair your sump pump

Problems with the sump pump can arise in different ways and be in different forms. With every problem, there will be disruption in its working. If there is a disruption in its working, it will not be able to remove water as it should and you will notice that your basement is getting flooded.


Homeowners should understand that the sump pump has problems. With a little observation, it is easy to detect problems with the pump. One of the most alarming signs is that the sump pump is working non-stop. You might notice that the weather is fine but the pump is still working – this is a clear indication of problem. The pump is overworking and it needs to be repaired soon.


What Causes Problems With Sump Pump:

  •         Pump switches stuck – check the machine, to ensure that the float switch is not tangled or it is not clogged.


  •         Sump pump of the wrong size – Is your sump pump of the correct size? At times, the size of the pump is quite small for its pit. If it runs continually, it will get damaged. If the pump is quite small, it will have to work harder and gets damaged.


  •        Check Valve – The check valve might be causing problems. The check valve helps to ensure that water flows smoothly just outside the home. It ensures that water does not get back to the pit. In case the check valve is missing or it is broken, water will not be evacuated. Water will start getting back close to the pit. Get the sump pump checked by professionals if you feel something is wrong with the machine.


If there is a problem with the sump pump, you will face difficulties in removing water from the basement. There will be continuous flooding in the basement. If there is heavy shower, the situation will worsen. You might face an emergency situation anytime and help will be needed.


In such a situation, your emergency plumber needs to arrive at your premises on time. After a thorough inspection, there might be a requirement to replace the sump pump. Every house has a different structure and requirement. Thus, professionals are the best people who know what kind of pump will be needed for a home.



Scheduling a plumber

It is not an easy job to find a good plumber. You need to carry out a good search, find a company which offers the services you need, a plumber who is reliable and offers affordable services. Getting to know about a good plumbing agency or company isn’t enough. You need to schedule an appointment with the company or your plumber to clearly understand their experience, their skills, ability and if the plumber can be trusted at all.

What happens if the plumber does not turn up in an emergency situation? What happens when the customer care is not responding to your frantic calls? The best solution is to avoid such a situation. Once you select a company, you need to schedule an appointment to get a great clarity on various issues.

Before you choose a plumbing company, you need to consider a few factors, which will ensure that your selected company is the best.

Look For a Licensed and Local Company:


Hiring a licensed company will be your best decision. Such a company shall be disciplined and will follow the required protocol, when dealing with plumbing issues. Thus, you are assured of efficient service. The main job of a plumber is to offer quick solutions, to help homeowners in times of their crisis and ensure that the plumbing system is running fine.

Know Your Technicians:

When you choose to hire a plumbing company and you have technicians visiting your premises, you might not be actually able to verify each person. Thus, when you schedule an appointment with the company, you can do a little bit of background check. Try and get to know more about the people who are working for the company. You wouldn’t like to compromise on the health and safety of your loved ones. Hence, it is important to know more about the people who will visit your premises. In this way you will be more secure.

A company which offers plumbing service should have a friendly attitude. When you meet the representatives of the company, you need to check on to the attitude of the company. Grumpy people can be difficult to speak and they might not understand all your problems as well. A bit of friendliness is essential, so that customers can easily speak to them about their problems. A friendly plumbing company will also be recommended to friends and relatives.

Time is Important:

When you have an emergency and plumbers arrive late, it can be a truly frustrating situation. You might have to wait all day long to get the repairs done, even when they promise to come earlier. If the company is efficient and reliable, they will surely respect your time. Check in various reviews and testimonials of the company, to understand how the company has been able to meet commitments.

Repairs are done quickly and in the most effective way by great plumbers. They will first detect the root cause of problem and then repair. If any portion needs to be replaced, they will do that too. When you seek an appointment, you can speak in detail.

Should I hire a plumbing contractor


Why are plumbing contractors so important?

Why are these contractors known to be the best for maintaining the plumbing system?

Whenever there is a major plumbing problem, there is a need to call certified plumbing contractor. Understanding the nature of the plumbing problem is crucial, so that you know when you need to call your emergency contractor.

Plumbing contractors will take up any kind of job you have. You just need to give them a call and let them know about your requirements. There is a common myth that contractors take up only larger jobs and do not consider small tasks of leaky sinks or backed-up drains or clogged drains. This is absolutely wrong. If you hire a plumbing contractor, the company will take care of any kind of problem you have, whether it is a major one or a minor. However, in most home, minor plumbing issues are taken care of by the homeowners themselves.

When you choose to hire a certified plumber, you will deal with professionals who will do their best to ease your problem. You should not always rely on your own skills when you are dealing with plumbing issues, because you will not be able to solve the problem yourself. At times delaying certain things can aggravate a problem and make things difficult.

Plumbers For Additions, Remodels and New Buildings:

When you are certain that you need professional help, it is important to call the right plumbing contractors. If it is a new building and you need a number of things to be done, you can call your building contractor right away. Plumbers can help you with installation of water heating units, gas connection, for the purpose of maintaining safety devices, maintenance of conditioning equipment and much more. There are a number of appliances which can be installed only with professional help.

Why Plumbing Contractors Are Best?

  • When you choose to hire reliable contractors, you can get emergency help whenever you feel the need.
  • They are skilled, experienced and trustworthy, especially when you hire a reputed provider.
  • They offer a number of services which include periodical maintenance of your plumbing system, installation, repairs and more.
  • They are experienced in dealing with a wide number of plumbing problems.
  • With the right tools and equipment, they are better equipped to tackle any type of plumbing emergency.

Hiring The Right Contractor Is Crucial –

No matter how minor or important your requirement is, it is crucial to hire the right contractor. You need to spend a little time and find the right contractor who will save you from all the hassles of the project. Before you select a contractor, you need to get a few references and also estimates from three companies at lease, before you choose a company.

You can also meet your contractor in person, which will offer you a good idea on how to deal with your needs. Also, do not forget to make a comparison of prices before you select a contractor. If a company offers a low estimate than others, it does not mean it is a good substitute for a good service. You might face poor quality services which can lead to undue stress and worry.