How to avoid sewer clogs

We all know that sewer clogs need professional intervention. We also know that if sewer lines are well maintained, if these are regularly inspected, it is possible to reduce the clogging. But, do you know that it is actually possible to avoid sewer clogs?

Yes, homeowners can actually reduce this risk of drain clogging, if they follow a few rules. There are a few items such as cotton swabs, maxi pads, tampons, paper towels, gauze and diapers which do not break down easily and cause clogging of the drains. Many people often argue that they use flushable wipes which degrade well. However, in reality these wipes do not degrade and can cause blockage.

There are some other kinds of material which can cause problems. This include harsh chemicals, few grease based products, oil and paint. These tend to create clog as they do not go down well in the toilet. Sewer repairs are the responsibility of the homeowners. Thus, if preventive measures are undertaken, they can actually help in saving a lot of money and damage. Here are a few tips which can help homeowners can keep the sewer pipes from flowing freely.

Carry Out Inspections – It is always good to get your plumbing system inspected before any problem arises. If you are considering buying, you can add sewer pipe inspection in your checklist.

Video Inspection – Let a professional carry out a video examination. This is usually done with a camera. Such an inspection helps in understanding the condition of the pipe. It helps in early detection of clogs. If there is any clog developing, it is detected much in advance with the help of video inspection. If there is some problem, repairs or any kind of replacement can be carried out.

Research Well – Do not wait for any emergency situation to arise when you will speak to your plumber. Speak to your plumber about the need for any repair or replacement. Find out more about the latest in plumbing system and how they can make a difference.

Try out these tactics and you will be able to keep clogs away from your plumbing system.