When to repair your sump pump

Problems with the sump pump can arise in different ways and be in different forms. With every problem, there will be disruption in its working. If there is a disruption in its working, it will not be able to remove water as it should and you will notice that your basement is getting flooded.


Homeowners should understand that the sump pump has problems. With a little observation, it is easy to detect problems with the pump. One of the most alarming signs is that the sump pump is working non-stop. You might notice that the weather is fine but the pump is still working – this is a clear indication of problem. The pump is overworking and it needs to be repaired soon.


What Causes Problems With Sump Pump:

  •         Pump switches stuck – check the machine, to ensure that the float switch is not tangled or it is not clogged.


  •         Sump pump of the wrong size – Is your sump pump of the correct size? At times, the size of the pump is quite small for its pit. If it runs continually, it will get damaged. If the pump is quite small, it will have to work harder and gets damaged.


  •        Check Valve – The check valve might be causing problems. The check valve helps to ensure that water flows smoothly just outside the home. It ensures that water does not get back to the pit. In case the check valve is missing or it is broken, water will not be evacuated. Water will start getting back close to the pit. Get the sump pump checked by professionals if you feel something is wrong with the machine.


If there is a problem with the sump pump, you will face difficulties in removing water from the basement. There will be continuous flooding in the basement. If there is heavy shower, the situation will worsen. You might face an emergency situation anytime and help will be needed.


In such a situation, your emergency plumber needs to arrive at your premises on time. After a thorough inspection, there might be a requirement to replace the sump pump. Every house has a different structure and requirement. Thus, professionals are the best people who know what kind of pump will be needed for a home.